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About us

Urboow is a project that was born in 2015 by a group of professionals who wanted to revolutionize the idea of modular construction.
What building methods could you use in order to achieve a sustainable, versatile construction model, aimed at reusability, reducing its ecological footprint? The answer is shipping containers.
They allow different solutions, total customization of the interior and can be transported without great difficulty to any place, all this, reusing something that may not have much more utility in its original function.
Whether it’s a cafe, a shop or even a home, anything is possible with this method. Imagination is the limit!

The Team

The secret of a well-developed project is a team of professionals who want to deliver the highest quality products possible
This team, made up of arquitects, designers, engineers, commercials, operational and administrative technicians, is able to deliver the final product completely developed and ready for the grand opening.